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Garden Maintenance and Weed Control

We met a woman who loved her plants but as she grew so did her garden. It grew and grew until one day it was too much.. she had no time to maintain it!! But she knew a girl who knew a girl from A Mothers Nature. The woman requested low maintenance so we removed the weed, saved her hostas, laid landscape mat and some mulch and voila!

Pre-existing Pathways

Are you looking to bring back an old flame?

This here is a love story. A man and a woman collected earth rocks many many years ago to make a path of their own. 20 years pass by and it became over run by mother earth. They called A Mothers Nature and we brought it back to life again! What a happy ending!

Lets get to it!

Contact us now and tell us what you are looking for; if we can, we will make it happen! Let A Mothers Nature do the dirty work.

Ask for Brenda! Looking forward to hearing from you!